My name is Laef Kucheran. I'm a video editor and web designer from Vancouver and I help businesses connect with people, often through websites or video content.    Twitter    Instagram    YouTube
Looking for a pretty website or a snazzy promo video? I can make one for you.

But better than that, I can help you discover the soul of your brand and bring that out in a website, a video... or something else.

1. You've got a problem.

Maybe it's got something to do with your website, maybe it's a problem you want to solve with a video.

Maybe you want to increase awareness for a product, or maybe you want to build a whole new one.

Let's focus on that problem.

2. First meeting

First meetings should have two things:

  1. Coffee
  2. You doing all the talking

I don't want to sell myself. Instead, I want to understand everything there is about your problem. Maybe we can solve it, maybe I can just give you a pointer or an idea you haven't thought of, but either way, I'll need to listen to you first.

You know your story — and your problems! — better than I do. I'd be a fool not to listen.

3. Next steps

Together, we'll work out how I can help you. Maybe I'm perfect for the role, or maybe I've got an idea for someone better you can go to. The key thing I provide is that second pair of eyes.

So... Ready to start?

You can get in touch with me at I look forward to hearing what you're up to!

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