Got an interesting company, organisation, or project looking to make a mark on the world? Need someone to write you to success? Design your website's story? Propose and edit a short film?

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What I can do:

  • Writing and editing
    • Creative and technical writing with story
    • Proofreading and creative improvements and advice for bringing story to your work
    • Marketing copy for websites; blog posts; video, audio, and physical advertisements; and email campaigns and newsletters
    • Speechwriting and editing (as well as general prep)
    • Screenplays, treatments, and standard prose
  • Web and app design
    • Single-page (SPWs) and multi-page sites with story
    • Custom-built WordPress themes
    • Search engine optimisation (SEOs)
    • Progressive web apps (PWAs)
  • Videography
    • Constructive, story-based interviewing for documentaries, promotional videos
    • Story-based video editing for documentaries
    • Music video and short film editing
    • Experienced with Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve

Need some convincing?

Fair enough. Shoot me an email and I can put you in touch with my references, and answer any questions you have! :)

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