iHub Annual 2020

A pandemic graduation and year-end celebration at the innovative Inquiry Hub Secondary School.
TL;DR: Alin Kucheran and I conceived, produced, and directed a slick, entertaining, livestreamed graduation. Through the show, a whole school celebrated their year amid a pandemic.

On 17 March, 2020, BC schools closed.

Throughout the next few months, the pandemic would upend life for British Columbians. Plans for events and holidays were thrown out the window. And I don't need to tell you much more because... well, you lived through it to.

The point is, as March turned to April and April faded to May, even as limited classes began again, it became obvious that no school in BC would be able to hold an in-person grad.

A lot of schools decided to film their grad, or to host it on Zoom. Others cancelled them altogether, in some cases promising to hold them later. But one school in Coquitlam took a more innovative route.

They hired me.

More coming soon

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