Hey there! I'm Laef. 👋
I'm a writer, programmer, designer, and video editor from Vancouver specialising in building story-based brands and experiences through creative copywriting and design.
This website is my story. Imagine what I could do for you.

Most branding sucks

Ever seen an ad that inspired you, or a promo website that thrilled you? Ever not minded being sold to, even if you didn't buy the product?

Can the same be said for your brand?

The best brands tell a story

Not an anecdote or a series of happenings, but an idea with a beginning, a middle, and an end.

They introduce a conflict, highlight some rising action, and feature a climactic battle between problem and solution.

My name is Laef Kucheran. I'm a programmer, writer, and designer with a passion for copywriting, video editing, web design, and teaching others about how they can better express themselves through story.

I've spent six years building story-based brands, apps, and websites. Here's how I do that.


I love to write, and to improve and improve my writing. I've written short stories and novels, scripts and screenplays, marketing copy and cynical articles, but there's one thing each and every bit of my writing includes — one thing any bit of writing should always include — a creative, thrilling story.

A good, solid narrative is what makes your words interesting and enjoyable to read, be they for a presentation at a conference, or an article for your company's website.

Apps and websites

I'm passionate about building websites and apps that delight and inform. In my spare time, I build computer things that help people work better, vote smarter, waste less time, and help strangers.

When building an app or a website, you must always, at every step of the process, ask yourself "how am I helping my users? Am I building this for myself or for them?" If it's to have a story, it must solve a problem.

Film and audio

I love telling stories through video and audio, both from in front of the camera, and from behind the editing screen. I've directed, produced, edited, and led interviews for several short films, documentaries, and dramas, always with an eye to telling something that's interesting.

When editing or interviewing, your goal is to make the viewer feel like you don't exist. A viewer should always see the shot they want when they want it, and always hear the answer to the question they'd want to ask.

Does telling stories really work?

It's all very well for me to tell you that what your brand needs is story, but you want proof that story actually works. Well, why don't you see for yourself?

Check out my work Already convinced?